Anatomy of New Mexico’s 2023 secure gun storage legislation NMHB9, Bennie Hargrove Bill

During the 2023 New Mexico state legislative debate of House Bill 9, also known as the Bennie Hargrove Gun Safety Act, this website served as an online location for the public to access research materials presented to various legislative committees by attorney and Second Amendment advocate, Ed Lopez. Lopez had prepared a detailed comparative analysis of selected state Child Access Prevention (CAP) statutes for the New Mexico House Judiciary Committee and posted his supporting legal research, including historic precedent for secure gun storage.

As of early 2023, these resources encompassed current Child Access Prevention (CAP) statutes and relevant portions of various U.S. states’ constitutions, alongside pertinent U.S. Supreme Court Second Amendment Second Amendment case law. Additionally, various New Mexico state government-hosted legal research sites were included for independent research. Amendments and legislative staff analyses also were made available on the site during the 2023 legislative session.

As a resource for those considering secure gun storage proposals in other jurisdictions, Lopez’ research and other information currently posted on will be maintained indefinitely at the website of HB9’s primary sponsor, state Rep. Pamelya Herndon.

To honor the lives lost at Michigan State University, my alma mater, on February 12, 2023, I dedicate this secure gun storage research to the public domain, without restrictions, to help facilitate informed decision-making concerning safe gun storage. Ed Lopez (MSU ‘84)

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